Tesla at the mysterious Rtanj

Tesla’s settlement at the mysterious Rtanj

Stories about the perfect pyramidal shape, unusual energy and
aliens that circle around Rtanj Mountain are not actually a novelty.
But something that is new is the construction of Tesla’s settlement
and a tower, on the slopes of this mysterious beauty. 

From the plains of Eastern Serbia, suddenly rises a mountain which provokes admiration and
represents the puzzling part of nature whose secrets haven’t been revealed yet.

You don’t have to guess twice. It is about the mountain on whose slopes in the form of a perfect
pyramid herbs grow, peaks are overflown by the glowing orbs and whose air rays with the
inexplicable energy-Rtanj .

The scientists are still arguing about the mountain rich with caves, underground sources and pits.
Some claim that it is about the ancient pyramid, some that it is a nature’s masterpiece, while others
claim that the higher forces are responsible for its unusual shape.

Russian scientists on Rtanj

Russian scientists were also intrigued by Rtanj. Namely, they intend to establish a research
center and build the settlement which will bear the name of the famous Serbian scientist, in
collaboration with the representatives of Belgrade international center for researching the Tesla’s
heritage.   In the framework of “Project Rtanj”, the establishment of Tesla’s tower is also planned, as well as the
reproduction of his birth house.

With the special instrument for registration of bioenergetics and electromagnetic
radiation, people came to the recordings which show that Šiljak, the highest peak of
Rtanj, usually absorbs the energy, and the place called Svetilište in the foothill of the
mountain usually radiates. It is interesting that far higher radiation was measured at
some spots of the mountain than in the urban environments.

The announced project is intended for building a place where every person interested, could
meet with the life, work and discoveries of Nikola Tesla. Besides that, the idea is that Tesla’s
settlement attract a large number of domestic and foreign scientists, tourists and lovers of the
character and work of one of the world’s greatest geniuses.
Besides the reproduction of Tesla’s birth house in Smiljan, the church and a tower, building of a
research center which would make Rtanj the meeting point of scientists, is also planned. The
construction of Tesla’s tower would provide electric transmission of wireless power which was a
dream of the famous scientist.

Rtanj Tea

Rtanj is famous for its endemic herbs which grow only on this mountain and which are
protected by the law. The most famous one is Rtanj Tea (Satureamontana) which has
numerous healing properties. Until recently, every year on July 7th in the framework of
the manifestation “Sv Jovan Biljober”, the harvest of the Rtanj Tea was organized, but
now it is prohibited due to the worrying comparison. “Project Rtanj” should be accomplished in collaboration with the Russian Institute for Electrification
which has more than 180 patents based on Tesla’s works, but it is not yet known whether or not the
project will be realized.