The Belgrade Amazon are actually channels of the Danube River full of various plant and animal life, a true paradise indeed. Heaven for nature lovers and photographers who often come to take photos of various bird species. Our adventure begins at our club in Zemun – a beautiful, old part of Belgrade. There You will receive the needed equipment (safety vest, paddle, kayak) and the adventure can begin!
Before we start, the instructor will introduce you to the basics of rowing and kayaking – prior knowledge isn’t needed. [read more]
Great War Island is a protected nature reserve in Belgrade, located at the mouth of the Sava River in the Danube, and truly is a paradise for nature lovers.
You can visit the island with the help of various watercraft – with us you will see it in the most beautiful way, rowing around it with kayak.
It represents a rare opportunity to see Belgrade from a different perspective and in a different way than usual.
This adventure is very interesting, fulfilled with wild nature, although we are in the very center of the city. [readmore]
We present you our new kayak adventure which is recommended for all lovers of rowing, water and nature. Hardly any river is so calm and quiet as Tamiš – a river where you rest your brain and enjoy its nature beauty!
Tamiš kayak adventure starts in front of our club in Zemun at 9:00 am, where we gather and go to city Pančevo; then we continue to village Jabuka, where our autumn kayak adventure begins. [read more]
Belgrade, as the Capital City of our beautiful Serbia, is more and more like the World metropolis. Traffic jams, overpopulation, noise, stress, are increasingly driving us away from Belgrade.
But, we have a kayak adventure in center of Belgrade which will provide you with an incredible feeling, new kind of relaxation – total refreshment for the soul and body. You will see Belgrade from a rare angle, so you will not believe that in such a large city you can experience everything opposite that you experience during the day. [read more]